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Digital Marketing Guru/Mompreneur conducts Social Media Marketing seminar at AIM

Digital marketing guru and mompreneur Karen Pacia conducted a short seminar on Social Media Marketing last February 1 at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. Members of her audience were platinum members of the Truly Rich Club (TRC), an organization that guides its members towards financial abundance and spiritual maturity.

Karen started the seminar with a survey by Hootsuite and We Are Social showing that Filipinos spend an average of 4.17 hours daily on social media, which is the highest among anyone else in the world. Given this information, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who wish to expand their markets can take advantage of the trend by establishing a strong online presence.

"There is a growing trend in the social media marketing industry, and SMEs must be where the customers are", Karen stated. "Having an effective social media strategy could make spell the difference for an SME's growth."

She also discussed the ideal uses of each social media platform. Based on research and her personal experience, Facebook and YouTube are used widely to establish a brand's presence. Meanwhile, Instagram can bring conversions (sales). Karen also stressed the importance of effective strategy in posting. For instance, posting every hour doesn't necessarily convert to more views or conversions. "It can even bring you the opposite; your audience may get annoyed and unfollow your page", she said.

Karen then shared her personal experience as to how social media marketing helped her attain success. She is currently a full-time manager for a multinational company when she ventured into her own e-commerce business featuring baby feeding products in August 2016. After six months, her products are already selling well and she only used social media platforms to market her products.

Towards the end of the seminar, IT-SPAC's IT Project Director Kristine Borja introduced an opportunity for the TRC Platinum members to have their digital marketing needs assessed. Karen and IT-SPAC shall work closely to assist these SMEs to establish their online presence and help them increase their market reach.

For questions on how to join the TRC, or to inquire about digital marketing services, please contact IT-SPAC at 02-667-3495 or at 02-661-9234. You may also send an email to

Tokyo Tempura's Jorge Wieneke, IT-SPAC's Chairman and Managing Director Dean Pax Lapid, and Digital Marketing Guru Karen Pacia together with the participants.
Karen Pacia discusses social media platforms at AIM.

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