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When I asked God...what to do beyond retirement?

I had my June 11 evening prayer after our ITSPAC 18th dinner celebration & June 12 morning reflection saying I am now FREE...independence Day.

Since then I asked: Tama ba ito? Is it the right decision to retire early?

Tama na ba? Is everything all done for me & let my sons take over or my younger mentors to take my place.

ANSWERS CAME THIS WEEK with the AFFI HERO AWARD recognizing the efforts done during the pandemic. Admittedly it was friendly ground with familiar faces and my Angelpreneurs.

Then mid- week came the Double recognition of BUSINESS LEADERS in LinkedIn ( Top Leader for Inspiration and Top Leader #6)

Praying for Inspiration...has brought me to this passage:

1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

I believe that God is saying...stay in the course & I am opening a new avenue for your gifts.

THANK YOU MIA ( Marketing in Asia) for this wonderful article.. honored & humbled.


Dean Pax Lapid has inspired many through his five best-selling books (two of which he co-authored with Bo Sanchez), how he has lived his life as a corporate professional, professor of entrepreneurship, and loving husband, father, and grandfather.

The fact that he has been quoted many times for his motto, “I aspire to inspire before I expire”, also shows how his teachings have touched many people.

During the pandemic, he made sure he inspired IT-SPAC employees through his leadership, making sure everyone was safe, had a secure job, and was taken care of by the company. His company is among the few who even expanded during these challenging times.

He extended financial and financial help not only to his employees but to friends and the country through his MSME advocacy (read detailed accounts of his many projects during the pandemic in his writeup).

Those who have been fortunate enough to have become either his students, mentees, or employees undoubtedly will be able to put precious life lessons from the Dean with them to good use.

These make Dean Pax Lapid a true leader for inspiration.

Keep inspiring, Dean Pax!

Here's an excerpt from one of his nominations.

“Dean Pax Lapid has mentored and inspired micro, small and medium enterprises on how to bounce back from this crisis. He has been mounting seminars and boot camps to guide those devastated by the effects of the pandemic and constantly guides and guards their spiritual and financial well-being.”


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