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New Year, New Career: Tips to Grab that Job Opportunity for Career Shifters

With the favorable economic climate in the Philippines, there are endless opportunities present for all job seekers. The catch, though, is that job seekers are also aplenty. Career shifters are faced with a more complicated problem: while they have been working for a number of years already, they are considered as a "newbie" due to their minimal experience in their new career path. For instance, an HR associate who wishes to pursue an IT career would often discover that his/her skill set is lacking.

How will career shifters manage this and ensure their employment? Here are some tips:

Start early: enroll in online courses and workshops.

This is especially true in the tech industry. There are reputable institutions around that offer personal or online short courses/workshops on coding, development, and other IT-related skills. If you decide to take on a new career, be equipped with at least the basic skills to improve your chances.

Highlight your skills that are relevant with your opportunity of choice.

Sure, you've been teaching for the past x years in your career, or you've been working as a clerk prior to your career shift, but do you remember that time when you had to teach coding for a semester? Or that time when you moonlighted as a content writer? Highlight these in your resume; describe what you were doing at that time. Phrase it in such a way that you have skills that the opportunity of your choice needs.

Accept that you may have to start from the bottom.

Most career shifters have already developed confidence and self worth, but they often end up disappointed because they were not able to get their position of choice in their new career path. Place yourself in the shoes of the employer: you'd rather get someone who's quiet but has experience over those who is... just confident. Learn to accept setbacks: your salary might be a thousand pesos less, but hey, you're working towards your dream career path.

Are you a career shifter yourself? IT-SPAC may have something for you! Send us your CV at


Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash

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