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IT Industry Predictions in 2018

Another year has begun, and most of us can't wait to start the year right. Some of us have already found or started the job or enterprise of their dreams; others are more than happy to start anew in a different career path.

The IT industry is nothing short of exciting this 2018. As the industry continued to open more opportunities, it will not be without any setback of some sort. We have collated a short list of predictions from the industry veterans regarding the tech industry, which could help you make a career decision this year.

1. AI will be bigger.

What used to be a material for sci-fi movies is now becoming a reality. Late last year, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) robot named Sophie was introduced to the public, and many companies are scrambling to develop their own version, but better. AI will continue to be accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Apple has started with Siri, and there are a bunch of apps for Android that do the same thing. Will the 2018 end with Siri finally having a face? It's not impossible. 2. Startups will rise.

Tech startups have existed as early as the late 2000s, but they are only gaining momentum today. Some of these companies continue to do well, some didn't. But with the growing public awareness and trust with startups, 2018 brings a favorable condition to individuals who have concrete plans of starting a tech-based business. Take note, however, that like any other business, your success will rely on a great product/service, steady funding, or great consumer skills. On the other hand, if you're planning to work for a start-up, the amount of work may be more than what you had in mind.

3. Government regulation will happen.

Remember what happened with Grab and Uber? Analysts agree that while the issue was more of regulating the transport network vehicles (TNVs), it also posed a question about the technology it uses; i.e. How does the app control the surcharge fees? Is our personal information safe? Will it help deter abusive drivers? Should Filipinos develop more apps to help us in our everyday lives, we will be assured that the government will help us deter any possibilities for its abuse.

4. There will be more tech-based jobs.

As technology improves, the need for certain tech positions will also arise. A case in point is digital marketing, which was probably unheard of in the Philippines 10-15 years ago. Being tech-savvy will soon become a basic requirement in job opportunities, and the younger generation can prepare for tech-related jobs by preparing ahead: by taking up tech-related courses in senior high, by learning how to code through online tutorials, or just by improving their personal social media content.

5. Employees will be expected to evolve with technology

Let's face it: even the most tech-savvy people needed to train in order to maximize the benefits of technology. A lot of IT companies have been funding their employees to improve their skills; and in some instances, the training is held overseas. When this happens, employees are placed in a win-win situation: they get to hone their IT skills, and if lucky, they get to visit other countries, too.



Photo by Randall Bruder on Unsplash

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