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#ITSPACAnswers: Why is Social Media Marketing Relevant?

In just a matter of years, social media has rapidly evolved. From being a tool solely to connect with other people, it has become an avenue to send messages across. Nowadays, social media has turned into a marketing platform, and in the coming years, experts have predicted that it would be one of the top marketing tools for advertisers, influencers, and the like.

This brings us to the question, why is social media marketing relevant today? There are a myriad of answers, but let us bring these down to top three reasons:

1. It's affordable.

Most social media platforms require no payment at all. Just create a page, upload your product photos, then you're done. However, if you'd like to focus on a specific target market, track your progress, or make a website aside from your social media pages, you'll need to shell out a few bucks. The amount that you'll spend is still quite affordable compared to a TV or newspaper ad.

2. It's effective.

Using social media as a marketing tool is like hitting two birds with one stone: you get to send your preferred message across, and at the same time, the people who liked your product/service gets to validate your message through real-time feedback. Now, this works two ways: either people loved your brand and would leave positive comments, or the opposite might happen. Either way, you know that your brand is being talked about, and the people who talk about your brand may be converted into sales, if you use your social media tools right.

3. It's relatable.

Social media attracts everyone, from the young kids up to the young-at-heart who have lived to see the world without it. It's no secret that tri-media advertisements rely on "formula" to advertise products: a detergent should be marketed by mothers, food ads are usually in the color red or yellow, etc. Social media marketing somehow deviates from these and adapts the nuances of real life, which the "formula" does not carry. The results are amazing,as people who have felt a "connection" between them and the brand through its social media marketing easily turn into customers. We have influencers from different races, genders, age, and backgrounds who promote almost anything under the sun. So much so, that brands that use tri-media has adapted social media pages for customer engagement as well.

These three things may poorly sum up the reasons why social media marketing is relevant, but don't worry, you always have the opportunity to see and experience it for yourself.

If you own a small business and you would like to expand your brand and convert more customers, IT SPAC can help you! Together with Digital Marketing Guru Karen Pacia, we can help you promote your business by planning out your social media presence at a very minimal cost! To learn more, email


Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

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