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Easy Resume Generator from Latex Resume!

Most job hunters believe, although arguably, that the hardest part of getting a job is when you're coming up with your CV or resume. Basically, this is the first thing that potential employers would see; the chances of being asked for an interview towards your dream job heavily rely on what is written in two to three pages of paper.

Then, some fresh graduates (and even experienced job hunters) pay no attention to the difference between a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a resume, nor to its form and content. Just recently, our team member handling applications for our Senior Java Programmer vacancy received a five-page CV, where the candidate enumerated even his participation in their college drama club-- talk about detail! Then, there's this guy who sent his resume with his name and the page borders colored in neon green. Oh, let's not talk about the other day when a job hunter typed the word "programer" several times throughout the document. We'll get to that in the next blog.

Hence, HR practitioners appreciate that technology offers help to job hunters in order to improve their CVs/resumes. Most job hunting sites nowadays have an online form where the job hunter can just type the information that employers needed, sort it out, and have it ready for printing. But an innovator decided to come up with an entire website and help our job seekers focus on getting the right content for their resume:

Landing Page

The website looks sleek in black and white. As soon as you click "Create New Resume", you'll see this:

Clicking the items on the left panel will allow you to type information for the sections of your resume. Meanwhile, you can choose from nine templates at the center of the screen. It looks like the website is catered towards IT job seekers, but you can also use it when applying for non-IT work. After seeing a preview of your resume, you can either print it or save it as PDF.

You won't have to second-guess which fonts look better, or if you've highlighted the correct experience points-- the website will do that for you. It's that easy!

We seriously approve, and we encourage our candidates out there to try this website out.

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